Compost worms 1 kg (4-6 persons or 1 m3)

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Our compost worms consist of the tiger worm and the dendrobaena. The mixture ensures that organic waste is converted into worm humus. The compost worms eat half their weight per day. The compost worms are used by companies and individuals who want to reuse their organic waste and thus save on disposal costs and purchase costs of fertilization. We have special worm bins and worm hotels for converting organic materials into worm humus. These are bins with special holes and collection bins to convert organic waste into worm humus without the worms having to leave the bin. Waste recycling with our compost worms is sustainable and therefore good for the environment. It is not only sustainable, but also good for your wallet! You no longer have to buy fertilizer or other fertilizers for your plants, borders and lawn, because you can now make them yourself!

With 1 kg of worm compost you can compost your kitchen and garden waste into valuable worm humus! 1 kg of worms is sufficient for a household of 4 to 6 people. If you have a larger worm tower, we recommend using 0.5 kg more compost worms per 2 people.

1 kg of compost worms is also suitable for converting approx. 1 m3 of green waste.

All our packages are sent with living environment and feed. The worms can be kept in the bags for up to about a month if they are kept refrigerated and under good conditions.

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