Garden & compostworm

Compost worms (also known as garden worms) are not uncommon in this country. It is a subspecies of the earthworm. The special thing about them is that they find it much warmer than their peers. Garden worms and compost worms feel most comfortable at 20-25 ° C. They live – as the name suggests – in compost heaps or dung heaps. This also gave them the names “stinkworm” or “dungworm”.

The compost worm can also be found under rotting plants or in pasture. It is likely to be found in the upper layers of the earth, where it is closest to the rotting plant parts or animal remains.

The body is similar to that of the earthworm, garden worms and compost worms are up to 9 cm long, their flesh-colored bodies can have up to 105 segments (body rings). The color becomes lighter towards the end of the body. Compost worms have small bristles on the bottom of their bodies that help them move.

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