Wormcompost per bag (60 liters)

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Did you know that worms never cause damage to your crop? If there are earthworms in your field, the crop yield can increase by up to 25%! The nitrogen content of a crop indicates the quality of the crop, worms have no influence on this, conclusion, worms have a positive effect on crop production!

Our worm humus has the advantages that the soil is better aerated, a lot of organic matter is present, ensures better drainage of your soil, vigorous growth of your crop and it is a good food for your soil! Ideal to turn your poor soil into fertile soil again!

Our 100% organic worm humus is ideal for your (ornamental) garden, lawn border, or vegetable garden. Because we grow indoors we have total control of the process, so no other unwanted substances are added to the humus and the humus is light in weight because no extra moisture can be added. We sift our humus into a fine grain so that it can be easily scattered or processed. The humus contains small worms and eggs, the small worms and eggs that hatch later ensure an active soil life in your garden.

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