Worm tower, worm box, worm hotel discount package! (including worms)

from  167.00

Combi package with 0.5 kg worms! Perfect to start composting your own kitchen waste!

– Make worm humus from your own compost waste yourself;
– For terrace, garage, balcony or garden;
– Expandable, including 2 worm beds;
– For fishermen who need worms;
– Top design, “reddot” design prize;
– Color Anthracite, Brown, Ivory or Lime.


The excellent design of the Urbalive worm tower is an absolute eye-catcher in every respect. The worm tower really does not have to hide in the interior and attracts everyone’s attention! Do you want to convert your waste into usable raw materials yourself? Then buy these worm tower now!

The worm tower awarded with a “reddot” is made of high-quality and stable plastic. You can easily turn your own kitchen waste into valuable worm humus.

You can use this as a fertilizer for the lawn, potted plants or window boxes, so you no longer need to purchase fertilizer at all!

In addition, you can tap worm tea via the tap. Worm tea is an excellent liquid fertilizer rich in nutrients and enzymes that help plants grow.

Once the first worm bed is full, replenish the worm tower with the second worm bed (two worm beds are included). The worm tower can be extended as desired.

A completely new way to recycle your kitchen waste! Who wouldn’t want to buy these worm tower?

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Anthracite, Brown, Ivory, Lime

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