Earthworms for soil improvement 5 kg for 100 m² Soil conditioner

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The earthworms we breed are a mix of epigean, endogeic and anecic species. The epigeans live in the litter layer of the soil, reducing leaves and other dead organic matter. The endogeic worms also live in the upper soil layer (0-50 cm). The endogenous species break down leaf litter and provide good aeration and water buffering in the top layer. The last species are the anecic species. These dig deep vertical tunnels and are also the largest, the tunnels can be up to 3 meters deep! Due to the deep tunnels, the deeper soil is better aerated and too much water can be better drained. The worms take the shredded leaf litter into the tunnels, causing organic material to go deeper into the soil and fungi such as Mycorrhiza and Trichoderma and bacteria to develop in the soil. The corridors are also used by plants, trees and grasses to take root. The deep rooting in combination with aeration and the better water storage in the soil ensure that the plants, trees and grasses are more resistant to longer periods of drought or prolonged periods of heavy rainfall. In addition, the bacteria and fungi make them more resistant to diseases and pests.

Worms for soil improvement, we recommend 50 grams of worms per square meter for the best result! The worms should be put out in the evening or at dusk. As a result, the worms are not prey for birds or other animals. You can place the worms on one square meter per full hand.

All our packages are sent with living environment and feed. The worms can be kept in the bags for up to about a month if they are kept refrigerated and under good conditions.

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