Dendrobaena fish worms 200 grams large (approx. 170 pieces)

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All our packages are sent with living environment and feed. The worms can be kept in the bags for up to about a month if they are kept refrigerated and under good conditions.


Do you want to buy Dendrobaena fish worms?

Are you looking for the most popular fishing worms? At you will find a large selection of worms. But why would you choose these worms in particular and what is the Dendrobaena most commonly used for? We explain this and much more in the following text.

Interesting facts about the Dendrobaena earthworm

There are about 46 known species of earthworms in the Netherlands. One of them is the Dendrobaena. These worms are also known as “Springer” among fishermen. Dendrobaenas are also called “giant redworms” because of their size.

By the way, the name “Dendrobaena” comes from Greek and means “tree runner” or “tree climber”. This is probably due to the distinctive type of locomotion. Like all earthworms, Dendrobaenas move by contracting and stretching the individual body rings. What is especially impressive is that Dendrobaenas have 5 hearts and 6 kidneys. They also do not have lungs because oxygen is absorbed through the skin.

Environment and food of the Dendrobaena earthworm

Dendrobaena lives underground. Like most earthworms, they like dark and damp. The optimum temperature for the Dendrobaena earthworm is around 16°C.

Due to the constant darkness in their habitat, the worms have no sleep rhythm. However, depending on the temperature, they can stiffen at both a cold and warm temperature. If the temperature exceeds 25°C, the worm will flee. Such heat is deadly for the Dendrobaena.

Our Dendrobaena fish worms prefer to feed on converted plant remains or dead organic material, they also like converted vegetables or an old coffee filter. After digestion inside the worm, everything becomes fertile worm humus, which is good for fertilizing trees, grasses and plants.

Reproduction of Dendrobaena earthworms

Dendrobaenas are hermaphrodites, but they are incapable of self-fertilization. They need a partner to reproduce.

The mating usually takes place in spring or autumn. The worms fertilize each other. Sperm is exchanged via the ventral side, with which the eggs are fertilized. These eggs are kept in cocoons. A cocoon contains 1 worm egg, one egg contains 1 worm. The time it takes for the cocoon to hatch depends on the external conditions and can take weeks to months. The cocoons are buried deep in the ground for protection. The hatched worms take about 100 days to fully develop and become sexually mature.

Use of the worms

Dendrobaenas are real super worms. They convert dead organic materials into valuable raw materials like no other. The dead organic material is converted to worm humus, which makes the worm very popular with gardeners and gardeners. The soil they move through remains loose and oxygenated. This allows the soil to pass water more easily but also retain it and the soil becomes more fertile. The resulting worm humus, is very popular as fertilizer, this is because it is a very sustainable product.

Very popular with anglers

The Dendrobaena, abbreviated “Dendro”, is very popular among anglers. The Dendrobaena is especially popular because of its size, striking color and underwater movements. Unlike other species, the Dendrobaena excretes moisture that attracts the fish. It is especially important for fishermen to be able to choose between different sizes of earthworms. Because not every fisherman needs large Dendrobaenas. It always depends on what kind of fish you want to catch at the time.

The Dendrobaena is also suitable as a food worm

This worm is not only suitable for fishermen and gardeners. The Dendrobaena is also often used as a feed worm, as it is very fleshy and usually larger than other worms. Therefore, the worm is very suitable as food for turtles, salamanders, lizards, toads, birds, chickens and of course for fish.

Where can you buy Dendrobaena worms?

With us, of course! In our online shop we offer you the possibility to order Dendrobaena fish worms directly from the breeder. We know exactly what is important when cultivating worms, which is why we only supply you with the best quality.

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